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Cabin Vacation 2008/05/24

Cabin Pond after 4 years of wear and tear!

Pond gets plenty dirty from frequent baths

Peek view of float valve to keeping pond full of water

Roof run off to other water containers, don't waste a drop!

Pond in shop for sanding and new fiber glass and resin, 8N tractor in back ground

Pond getting sanded top and bottom

Top cover needs refurbishing also

Trudy points to new top coat and layer of fiber glass

Trudy applying resin to top surface

Trudy applying more resin to top surface

Resin coat to bottom surface

Resin coat one to bottom

First coat of resin and glass complete

Starting coat 2 of resin

Coat 2 makes the pond look better

Different view of dating the pond rebuilds

Different view of dating the pond rebuilds

The pond shines after each coat of resin

Chad keeping watch over his domain

Trudy applies one the many final coats!

Battery power box for bathouse, it had to be moved for the propane tank

New propane tank for bath house

Pan view of new propane tank

Milton's truck for tank install

Doyle's propane truck to fill all of our tanks

Milton check for leaks while it fills, 65 gallons per minute

Propane truck filling the bath house by Doyle

Doyle watches the tank fill

May's winter in the Zuni's

May's winter in the Zuni's, who would have ever guessed

Winter over the cabin in May

Pond and bird area covered with snowe

The Bird pond taking in it first real test of winter

Bird viewing area in May

Solar PV panels stand in search of sunshine

Cabin covered with May snow fall

May surprise winter day, 36 hours plus

path to bath house on this wintery day

Battery box moved to make room for the new propane gas tank

Snowy path to fire pit and garage

Front entrance to bath house on this snowey May day